Cold feed extruder machines are used for extruding cables, rubber hoses, tyres, sealed stripes and rubber sheeting narrow range etc. This machine is composed of the outer body, decelerator, motor, head etc. The screw and bush of the machine are made of high quality nitrided steel and have good abrasive resistance. The screw has double separated thread ? primary and secondary ? with inequidistant and convergent pitch. The cold feed extruder machine is driven by variable frequency motor and is suitable and ideal for extruding all kinds of rubber mass.

Specification of Cold Feed Extruders

Size L/D Ratio. Worm R.P.M. Capacity (app.) K.G./H.R. Electric Motor H.P.
40mm 1:10 70 40/60 11
60mm 1:12 70 90/110 22.5
90mm 1:16 60 225/300 45
125mm 1:16 55 375/500 75
150mm 1:16 45 675/900 175